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English Budgies

Welcome to my English Budgies

I have been breeding and exhibiting English Budgies since the 80's and have bred from Macaws to the tiny parrotlets and inbetween. Too many to mention here. I have shipped to over 30 states and some Islands before they banned it. Can no longer ship express Mail because the National Fish & Wildlife imposed a fine, after 9-11.



English Budgies

Illustrations of some types I breed. Note 5-6 week olds.

I have birds for sale most of the time and have shipped in breeding cages, that I build for $30ea , NO Xtra shipping, up to 12 birds.

Pictures are of adult and young birds.

My English budgies are good breeders and are gentle out of nest because of selective breeding
for many years. They must be to exhibit. I have eggs in 10-30days with most every pair I put up to
breed...In the type cages I build $30ea. I have had much better success with parakeets, lovebirds, grass parakeets, and most all of the conure size down to Pacific Parrotlets that I no longer breed.. I have shipped up to 12 birds in one breeding cage.
The airlines love them. NO Xtra shipping. For now. 

Notice the square perches. They have a good footig for them selecting a mate and I always look for birds who have bonded themselves.

Example of blue Oplene types. I have many others adult as these and young.

Gentle English Budgies

You feel free to call me for breeder questions after 7pm Eastern,  Mon. - Tu.___ Th. - F.- and all day most
Sat.336-707-3269 only return calls collect. Today most phone and cell plans do not allow collect calls, 
try later if you have this type system, Most all cell and landlines, now. IF you get my Greeting.
Thanks & GOOD BIRDING!!!!!!!!!!
                  Gary Baker